TOTO CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet Review

Designed for a clog-free toileting experience.

All the models in the Drake series are selling like hot cakes. They’re much similar to one another, but vary in only one or two features.

And in today’s review I’m going to talk about the CST744SL-01 Drake, which is the only Drake toilet that’s high enough to meet the standards of ADA.

So if you’re considering about buying this model, then you should keep reading because there’s a lot more to it than its height.

One Flush Is All What You’ll Need

Most buyers become a bit hesitant when they see a toilet advertised as a ‘low consumption’ unit.

But with Toto’s Drake, low consumption doesn’t mean ‘low power’.

With only 1.6 gallons of water, this toilet stands out as one of the most efficient units to have hit the market.

It only needs one flush to prove itself. The G-Max flushing system ensures that the water is sprayed into the bowl with a pressure of 8 PSI.

This water then cleanses the bowl and pushes everything down the toilet’s 2-1/8 Inch wide trap way.

That’s it - mission accomplished.

No Clogs Whatsoever

It has been over a decade since CST744SL-01 Drake was first made available on the market and buyers claim that it has made clogs non-existent.

No matter how big or small, solid or watery your wastes are, this toilet will have nothing to complain.

The water is forceful enough and the trap way is big enough to handle any level of challenge.

You can even flush down toilet papers in bundles - with just one flush.

Is It Really A Dual Flusher?

It isn’t advertised as one, but I think a designer flaw could be perfectly converted into a dual-flush.

The toilet comes with a flush handle and not a push button. So for ‘light’ uses, just hold it down halfway. This will give you a semi-flush by using only about 1 gallon of water, which is also enough to remove all the liquid wastes.

For a ‘heavy’ flush, hold the handle down for a couple of seconds. This will push the entire 1.6 gallons of water into the bowl and send all the solid wastes down super fast.

This way, you can easily go green and conserve water - and of course your water bills.


Toto makes sure that you don’t have to sacrifice convenience over performance.

That’s why the CST744SL-01 Drake meets the height required by ADA at 16 and 3/4 inches without the seat.

And when you buy yourself a SoftClose seat, it’ll be raised even higher by one more inch.

This way, you can be assured that your knees won’t hurt as you sit on it multiple times a day. If there’s an aged person at your home, then he or she will be especially grateful for this height.

There’s also the elongated design to consider. It adds a modern touch to the design and gives you ample room to make your thighs feel comfortable.

So if you’re planning on spending a lot more time on your toilet, that it won’t be a bad idea after all!

Installation Is A Piece Of Cake

I think I exaggerated a little, but it’s pretty close to the reality.

First of all, this is a two piece unit, so moving both the pieces to where you want it placed is going to be easy.

And then comes installing them. If you’ve installed a toilet before, that’s exactly how you’ll know the taste of this ‘piece of cake.’

But if you haven’t, it’s still going to be easy for a beginner to do it without calling for a plumber’s help. Instructions are precise and clear enough to lead you right to the heart of the matter.

However, don’t forget that the wax ring is sold separately from the toilet. So if you don’t own one already, check the Amazon’s frequently bought together items and add it to your cart.

Moderate Price

Toto is more like the Apple iPhone among the toilets.

So I’ve heard many comment on Toto’s price tag as ‘too expensive’. It could be true, but not so with CST744SL-01 Drake.

Maybe cause it’s one of Toto’s older lines. The newer ones are priced higher with many added features.

But whatever the reason it is, it doesn’t matter as long as the performance is at its peak.

The Only Bad

You should know exactly what you’ll be paying to get. That’s why I make it a point to include every single thing there’s to know in my reviews.

To be downright honest, it wasn’t easy to find a flaw of this Drake. So I thought I should mention about the warranty instead.

For a triple digit purchase, only an year as warranty is definitely too short. But from what I’ve seen, the entire toilet industry isn’t very generous with warranties.

However, the best part is that no matter how short the warranty is, you will hardly put it to use because of Toto’s top notch quality and performance.

Video Review : Quick Look of the Toto Drake Toilet

Here is a quick video of the Toto drake toilet.

The Bottom Line


  • Powerful and efficient flushing
  • Quieter performance
  • Wider trap way eliminates clogs
  • Installation is fairly easy
  • Tank fills up quick
  • Made to last


  • Short warranty
  • A seat and wax ring are not included

Out of the many toilets I’ve reviewed, CST744SL-01 Drake is one of the easiest to give a 5-star rating for.

It’s a charmer from the quality of its flush to its design and everything in between.

And for households needing a toilet to accommodate older or taller people, then I’d say that Drake has the most perfect height.

So if it’s what you need, then drop by Amazon and check it out, including the price and the customer reviews.

Besides, don’t forget that ordering a unit for you would also mean waving your plunger goodbye.

So get ready for the farewell party with CST744SL-01 Drake!

If you're looking for an alternative to this one,you can definitely check out the best two piece toilet from the Drake series.


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On September 11, 2016
Last modified:February 7, 2017


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