How to Decide on the Best Toilet for You:
The Complete Buying Guide 

Buying a toilet may seem easy - until you’re actually on the market to buy one. For instance, there’s a lot of information to consider. Not knowing them might even lead you towards investing on the wrong toilet. And the right toilet to your neighbour might not be the one for you - that’s because personal preferences differ and they differ drastically. So it’s very important to understand your own tastes before you buy.

In my guide, I’ve brought up some of the key points that any buyer in the toilet market should know. Scroll down and sneak a peek. They’ll clearly brief you well.

One Piece v/s Two Piece

In my estimation, a one piece toilet is better than a two piece toilet. There are many reasons that I took into consideration, like the installation. A two piece toilet needs more hardware for installation, and the cost of a plumber could be more expensive than the initial cost of buying a one piece.

The chances of leaks are also at minimum in a one piece toilet. However, if you’re on a budget, then a two piece toilet may seem more affordable. So the decision on which is beat is entirely up to you.


If you’re concerned about the environment like me, then opt for a toilet that is highly efficient in consuming water. A standard toilet consumes up to 1.6 gallons of water per flush. However, there are more efficient toilets that consume only about 1.2 gallons per flush. There are also toilets with dual flush systems that consume only 1 gallon to flush down liquid waste.

These models come with the WaterSense label and it further confirms their efficiency. So make sure your toilet has one.


Buying an efficient toilet has many benefits. While it’ll reduce the amount you pay as your water bill, it’ll even earn you up to $100 or more as rebates. So check whether your local environmental conservation authority provides this facility and be quick to claim on it by purchasing a efficient toilet.

Flush Type

Though the flush types are basically categorized into single and dual flush, different brands have their own patented design. If I was shopping for a toilet, I would be biased towards a dual flush toilet. They contribute immensely to save water because you’ll be using only a light flush for urine, which we do more often than releasing our bowels.

Flushing Noise

You need to check this out, specially if you’re buying the toilet to your ensuite bathroom. Certain toilets are highly efficient, and the force of the water is enough to flush everything down. However, this force could give rise to a loud noise that might act as an alarm to wake the household in the middle of the night. So careful attention should be paid before you buy.

Bowl Shape

Bowl shape is a deciding factor of the overall shape and the level of comfort a toilet offers. I believe that it’s a decision entirely up to you. But generally, an elongated bowl is considered as the most comfortable for adults because you get a lot of space to place your thighs.

However, if your bathroom space is limited, then you don’t have much of a choice than a round shaped bowl toilet. Though it helps the toilet to end up compact and small, it doesn’t, by any means, disturb your level of comfort.

After all, a toilet is a place that you’ll be spending only a few seconds at a time. So it would be wise to choose a toilet based on the space it occupies than the bowl shape. If the bathroom is too small, buying a toilet with an elongated bowl for comfort would not be as convenient as settling for a compact design. You get the idea.


Height is the biggest problem most of us face when buying a toilet online. Some are too high that they make you feel as if you’re on stage to perform a peeing action while some are too low that your knees tend to hurt. To avoid this problem, ensure the toilet is certified by ADA. That way, you’ll make a happy buy.


No matter how efficient and aesthetic a toilet may seem, if it isn’t the right size for your bathroom, then it’d fail to make a right buy. So make sure you get the measurements right, specially if your bathroom is small. As a result, you’ll not end up buying an oversized or a downsized toilet.


I know that this part is not very enthusiastic and none of you is looking forward to do it daily. That’s why manufacturers have gone to great lengths to help you with it. Some even have patented smooth and glossy surfaces such as the SanaGloss to minimize dirtying and help cleaning easier.


Beauty is skin deep - yes, but not so much when it comes to picking a toilet that fits into your bathroom. Older models aren’t as classy and might not be the perfect choice for your modern bathroom. Whereas there are certain newer models that are not only boastful when it comes to features, but also to the way they look. They even have variety of colours to choose from. So shopping for a pink one for your teenage daughter and a blue one for your teenage son will be easy.

Your Budget

What I’ve noticed through experience is that most buyers let the budget solely decide their entire purchase decision. This isn’t wise, not in the least. It’s true that this is the most important of all, but it shouldn’t be the reason behind your ultimate decision. Try to either opt for the best choices in my list that’s well within your budget, or for another toilet for which you’ll need some scrimping and saving. Either way, don’t settle for anything but the best.


While it’s entirely possible to have more points in your personal list, these are the major points that anyone should be looking for. Once you’ve discovered what will suit you the most, begin your search. Happy toileting!

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Marty Irwin - October 4, 2017

Need to replace 3 toilets (24 years old) Prefer water saver, dual flush models at a reasonable price. Can you recommend a specific make or model?

    razor1231 - October 7, 2017

    Hey Marty,

    I would suggest you a one-piece toilet which is the TOTO MS964214 CEFG-01 Eco Soiree.
    Let me know what you think.


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