Best Toilet Seats 2017 – Reviews and Top Picks

Welcome to our toilet seat reviews and buying guide.

After seeing first hand just how many options there are out there for a new toilet seat, we decided to put together a buying guide to introduce you to some of the best models available in 2017.

This buying guide will enable you to choose the perfect toilet seat as we share with you ten of the top buys.

Best Toilet Seats to Buy

Your toilet seat is something that needs to do two main things – look nice in your bath or powder room and mostly importantly, allow you to sit comfortably to do your business. You don’t want to dread using the toilet because the seat is uncomfortable, digs into your legs or makes your back ache.

Best of the Best

Toto SS114#11

TOTO SS114#11 Transitional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat

High End 

Brondell L60-EB

Brondell L60-EB LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat

With a recent study revealing that the average person spends one hour and forty two minutes sitting on the toilet each week, it’s clear that no one wants a toilet seat that isn’t comfortable to use.

A lot of toilets don’t come with the seat including now when you purchase them, and even those that do, the seat often isn’t the one you would have chosen. With that in mind, take a look at our top ten toilet seats of 2017.

Top 10 Toilet Seats Comparison Table

Below, you will find a table comparing the basic elements of our chosen toilet seats. They will allow you to decide at a glance which models you would like to learn a little bit more about.


Elongated or Round Bowl

Colour Options

Main Material

Toto SS114#11




Check Price

Kohler K-4648-47




Check Price

Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seat




Check Price

Mayfair 13EC 000




Check Price

Toto SS154#11




Check Price

Brondell L60-EB




Check Price

American Standard 5325.010.222




Check Price

Mayfair 148SLOWA




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Bemis 7800TDG000

Cell 9 / 2



Check Price

Bath Royale Premium




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*Price Ranges: $- under $30; $$ - under $50; $$$ - under $100; $$$$ - under $150

Reviews of the Best Toilet Seats

Below we will talk in a bit more depth about the added features of each of the toilet seats listed above.

1.  Toto SS114#11 Transitional Soft Close Elongated Toilet Seat – Best of the Best

“A beautiful design with high quality parts inside and out that will last longer than you ever expected.”

TOTO SS114#11 Transitional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat

The Toto SS114#11 seat is our top pick. Made from solid, high gloss polypropylene, this model is a solid toilet seat that can with stand high impacts.

The comfortable, ergonomic design coupled with the moulded bumpers make this seat a pleasure to sit on. The elongated shape makes it comfortable for the legs.

The clean, sleek design comes in a range of six colours, including a glossy black to enhance your existed décor.

The soft close action that is embedded in this model will prevent the lid from accidentally slamming and waking up the whole house if it happens through the night. It also helps to prevent injury in the form of trapped fingers.

The reasonable price makes this model a good value for money buy.

The Toto SS114#11 Transitional Soft Close Elongated Seat is the best all rounder, ideal for anyone looking to get a comfortable, well designed seat without having to splurge out hundreds of dollars.

2. Kohler K-4648-47  – Best of the Rest

“Versatile design that compliments the design lines of many toilets.”

KOHLER K-4648-96 Stonewood Molded-Wood with Color-Matched Plastic Hinges Round-front Toilet Seat

The Kohler K-4648-47  is our second top pick. It comes in second to the SS114#11 mostly due to the fact that it only comes in a range of three colours, all of which are very close to each other.

However, the very low price tag might make this the most attractive option to anyone who is looking for a white (or almost white) toilet seat.

This model is made from compressed moulded wood giving it a high end look and feel and making it comfortable to sit on – especially in colder weather when the plastic based seats tend to be icy cold. The hinges are plastic to make attachment easy and long lasting, but they are colour matched to the wood creating a seamless finish.

This model is designed to complement many toilet designs and it will fit both one piece and two piece toilets.

The Kohler K-4648-47 is ideal for anyone who wants comfort on a budget.

3. Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seat

“Natural, fresh water spray; sleek style.”

The Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seat is a bit different from all of our other picks. It is no standard seat – instead, it transforms your toilet into a toilet and bidet in one.

Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat

With an adjustable spray giving you the choice of a soft or strong water jet, sprays out warm water to gently clean you. With back and front nozzles that self clean, this model will reduce your toilet paper consumption to virtually zero.

The sleek design is modern and clean looking and the nozzles retract for a better aesthetic when not in use.

The elongated shape makes comfort a given. The model comes a chrome finish on and off lever so you can select to have your toilet function like a bidet or like a standard toilet whenever the mood takes you.

The Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seat is ideal for anyone who is looking for something a bit different, or anyone who has always dreamed of having a bidet but just doesn’t have the space in their bathroom for one.

4. Mayfair 13EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat

“The Mayfair Soft Seat provides long lasting durability and comfort.”

The Mayfair 13EC 000 Soft seat provides the perfect balance between durability and comfort. The wooden seat is built of sturdy wood and is made to last. It is then cushioned in soft vinyl to make you experience of it even more comfortable.

Mayfair 13EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat

It fits any rounded bowl toilet manufactured in the US and Canada. One of the cheaper brands, this is perfect as it means it’s a good option for the majority of people.

The hinges are easy to remove for cleaning or replacement, making it a good choice for anyone pushed for time who doesn’t want a major operation every time they want to clean their toilet.

This model comes in a range of six colours, including a really unique forest green colour.

The Mayfair 13EC 000 is ideal for anyone who wants a combination of strong and soft in their toilet seat, and it’s also a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a quirky colour that standard seats just don’t offer.

5. Toto SS154#11 Traditional Soft Close

“Toto’s Traditional Soft Close Seat uses the latest in innovative smart seat technology in a classic design.”

The Toto SS154#11 Traditional Soft Close Elongated Seat comes with a similar specification to the Toto SS114#11 with one major difference.

TOTO SS154#11 Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat

This particular model is resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents.

This means it will potentially last even longer as there’s no pesky chemicals wearing down your hinges and weakening the structure.

This features adds an extra twenty dollars to the price tag, but long term, if you use particularly abrasive chemicals for cleaning your toilet, it could save you money in the long run.

It also has an extra colour, boasting a choice of seven different options so you’re more sure than ever to be able to find the perfect match for your bathroom’s current décor.

The Toto SS154#11 is the perfect choice for anyone who chooses to use harsher chemicals to clean their toilet on a regular basis.

6. Brondell L60-EB

“With the Luma Warm, you will be guided by the soft illuminating glow of the blue nightlight and comforted by the soothing heated seat, set to your personal temperature preference.”

The Brondell L60-EB, at first glance, seems like a rather over priced toilet seat. However, when you dig a little deeper and see what it actually does, you’ll see it’s worth the extra money.

Brondell L60-EB LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat

There’s nothing more annoying than when you need the loo in the middle of the night and get accosted by a glaringly bright light, then a freezing cold seat. By the time you get back to bed, you are wide awake.

This model combats that. The gentle blue nightlight gives enough light to see where you are going while not dazzling you. And the heated seat, which you can set to three different temperatures, ensures there’s no nasty shocks when you sit down.

This model comes with a gentle close lid, so no accidental slamming and it fits all standard toilet fixtures.

The Brondell L60-EB is perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate in comfort from their toilet seat.

7. American Standard 5325.010.222 

“Improve the look and function of your seat with this elongated toilet seat from American Standard.”

American Standard 5330.010.178 Champion Slow Close Round Front Toilet Seat with Cover

The American Standard 5325.010.22 is built to last. It is made from a special type of plastic called Duraplast. Duraplast is made to resemble china, so it is hard wearing but without the expensive price tag that would come from an actual china toilet seat.

It comes with a slow close feature to prevent accidental lid slams, and it also comes with an easy to install and remove fitting that makes the initial install and subsequent cleaning of the toilet seat fast and easy.

This model fits any standard elongated toilet and its traditional design means it will slot seamlessly into your bathroom.

The American Standard 5325.010.222  is ideal for anyone who is looking for something a bit more resilient and longer lasting than the average toilet seat.

8. Mayfair 148SLOWA  – Best Value for Money

“By paying attention to every detail, we deliver high quality products that will last for years to come.”

The Mayfair 148SLOWA  is made from durable moulded wood and then given a high gloss finish to make the perfect union between durability and design.

Mayfair 148SLOWA 000/1848SLOWA 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat featuring Whisper-Close

With a soft close lid that closes with a small tap, there will be no slamming of the lid and no trapped fingers. The easy clean and change hinges make removal and reattachment quick and easy for a truly deep clean every time.

This model uses a STA-TITE seat fastening system which not only installs with ease, but guarantees to never loosen. It comes in three colours.

This model will fit elongated bowl toilet manufactured in the US or Canada. This model is made in the US and uses all environmentally friendly materials and processes so you can rest assured that this product won’t have negatively impacted the environment.

The Mayfair 148SLOWA is our top value for money product and is perfect for anyone that wants a good quality toilet seat that is made to last at a low price.

9. Bemis 7800TDG000 Plastic

“This Bemis elongated toilet seat features hospitality grade solid plastic and a closed front with cover.”

Bemis 7800TDG000 Plastic Toilet Seat

The Bemis 7800TDG000 is made by Mayfair so you get all of their fantastic features, including the STA-TITE seat fastening. This means the seat is guaranteed to be easy to install, remove and reattach.

This model is made from durable plastic and is made to a hospitality grade strength, meaning it can with stand the high usage associated with bars, restaurants and hotels.

This model will fit any elongated toilet bowl made in the US or Canada and it had a closed front.

The combination of durability, ease of installation, and the no frills design of this seat makes the Bemis 7800TDG000 an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for commercial grade toilet seats that won’t break quickly for their pub, club, restaurant or hotel and will blend in seamlessly with the existing fixtures and fittings to make a full remodel unnecessary.

10. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

“Smart design and innovative, this comfortable toilet seat is softer and warmer to the touch than an acrylic or wood toilet seat.”

The Bath Royale Premium is made from top quality polypropylene which is strong, comfortable and long lasting.

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover

This model is easy to keep clean because it’s non-absorbent, chemical resistant and stain proof. The colour is solid (not patchy) and won’t fade, peel or chip through time.

This model comes with four foot bumpers, and they have been tested to and with stood up to four hundred pounds of weight. The seat will flex, but won’t break, crack or permanently distort.

Comes with soft close technology and one touch release. Simply press the button and this seat will detach itself, making cleaning the easiest it’s ever been.

The Bath Royale Premium Round is ideal for anyone on the heavier side who is worried that their toilet seat may warp. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to do a thorough clean quickly and easily.

How to Choose the Best Toilet Seat: A Buyer’s Guide to Getting It Right

With so much of our time spend sitting on the toilet, choosing the right toilet seat for you and your family is a big decision. But we’re here to make it a little bit easier for you by sharing with you some important factors to consider.

You need to think about comfort of course. Is the material the seat is made from the one you want? Is it moulded?

You also need to think about durability. Is the seat made to last? Will it withstand the weight of an adult over time or will it crack or warp?

Is it easy to install? Will the screws hold fast or will you end up with a seat that slides to one side or the other whenever you sit down on it?

You also need to consider your budget. If you have some extra money, then you might want to consider a luxury model. If not, then it’s important to choose the correct budget model that will last and become a false economy.

You need to think about design. If you are only replacing your toilet seat, not your full bathroom or even the toilet, then you need a seat that will merge with your current décor unobtrusively.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to be certain that your chosen seat will fit your current (or new) toilet. Make sure you choose either a fit for a round bowl or an elongated bowl depending on which bowl you have. Also, double check the measurements stated by the manufacturer to ensure that your toilet is the right size. And finally, double check that the installation screws aren’t out of the ordinary on the seat, or your bowl, and if they are, ensure they will match up.

Benefits of a New Toilet Seat

Obviously it goes without saying that we all want a seat on our toilet, and getting a new one can be a big decision. There are so many benefits to getting a new seat though that it makes the decision making process all worthwhile.

  • It can make you more comfortable
  • It can update an older looking toilet
  • It can be seen as an investment to last/help sell your house
  • It can reduce cleaning time

We hope you found our article helpful, and that you now have a much better idea of the toilet seat you are looking for. Happy hunting!

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