Best Kohler Toilets – Reviews and Top Rated Picks

This article will compare the six best models of Kohler Toilets.

If you are currently looking into purchasing a new toilet, you will find something for all budgets and requirements here. We hope that by spending the time to go through the available Kohler models, we will save you some time!


Check out our top picks below!

About Kohler Toilets

Kohler toilets are a brand that centre around gracious living. They aim to make all of their products functional but beautiful. The brand if synonymous with simple style and elegance and its minimalist basis will blend in beautifully with any bathroom.

Kohler toilets are the perfect meeting of design and innovation. They believe in the combination of simple beauty, comfort and the best in current bathroom innovative technology to bring you a toilet that is at the next level in terms of aesthetics and flushing systems.

Their low consumption solutions will help you to save money while reducing your carbon footprint, all while marvelling at how sleek and elegant your bathroom looks!

Top 6 Kohler Toilets in the Market

Below is a quick reference table that will allow you to make an at a glance comparison between our six top picks and help you to narrow down which models you would like to find out more about.


Flushing System

Amount of Colour Options Available


Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron

Aqua Piston flushing system


Kohler K-3810-0 1.28 GPF Santa Rosa

Aqua Piston flushing system


Kohler K-3819-0 Memoirs

Class Five flushing system


Kohler K-3950-0 Tresham

Aqua Piston flushing system


Kohler K-3897-0

Class Five flushing system


Kohler K-3817-47 Memoirs

Aqua Piston flushing system


Reviews of the Best Six Kohler Toilets

Below we are featuring an individual review of each of the listed model which will give you a little more information about each one, helping you to make an informed decision when choosing your Kohler toilet.

1. Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron Toilet

“This Water Sense labelled high efficiency toilet combines water conservation with the versatile style of the Cimarron collection.”

KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron

The Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron toilet is a two-piece toilet that is designed with quick and easy installation in mind. There is a metal bracket at the bottom of the tank, meaning that installing this model doesn’t require any drilling into or around the tank. This clever design means there is virtually no chance of the tank leaking.

The Aqua Piston flushing system is designed to ensure a 360 degree flush, meaning that the water enters the bowl from all sides. This gives a maximum efficiency flush without the need to use gallons of water.

With a range of five light coloured finishes to choose from, this model is a traditional design with a modern twist.

The Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron toilet is ideal for anyone who wants a simple, traditional looking toilet that performs like a dream.

2. Kohler K-3810-0 1.28 GPF Santa Rosa Toilet

“This Santa Rosa Toilet’s one piece design adds a contemporary look to your bathroom’s environment while conserving space with a compact, elongated bowl.”

KOHLER K-3810-0 1.28 GPF Santa Rosa

This elegant piece is designed with comfort in mind. The added height makes it the same height as a standard chair, meaning it’s comfortable to sit on, and the elongated bowl adds to the comfort factor. The bowl is designed in a way to give the comfort of elongation while maintaining the smaller dimensions of a rounded bowl, meaning this toilet can fit easily into a smaller space without looking cramped.

The one piece model includes the seat and lid and comes in a choice of seven colours, including the ultra sleek and modern glossy black.

The Aqua Piston flush technology is embedded in this toilet, meaning it is not only comfortable, but super efficient too.

The Kohler K-3810-0 1.28 GPF Santa Rosa toilet is ideal for anyone who wants an ultra modern feel to their bathroom without losing out on comfort or innovation.

3. Kohler K-3819-0 Memoirs Toilet

“The sophistication of traditional design serves as the inspiration for the Memoirs suite.”

KOHLER K-3819-0 Memoirs

The sophistication of traditional design has never been more evident than in the Kohler K-3819-0 Memoirs toilet. The two piece toilet comes with meticulous detailing around the base of the toilet and around the top of the tank, lending it a feel of a stately home. These details soften the geometrical shaping perfectly to give you a toilet that screams toned down elegance.

The Class Five flushing technology offers the best in bulk waste flushing performance and the glazed bowl offers a three point self cleaning system, meaning this model is more than just a piece to be admired aesthetically.

The preinstalled bolts reduce installation time too, making this model a firm favourite.

The Kohler K-3819-0 Memoirs toilet is perfect for anyone looking for a classic piece that still has the modern technology you would want in a toilet.

4. Kohler K-9350-0 Tresham Toilet

“The elegant simplicity of shaker style furniture inspires the edgy, neo-traditional design of the Tresham collection.”

KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham

More than just a pretty face, the Kohler K-9350-0 Tresham toilet is highly efficient. It has been proven to save up to 16,500 gallons of water per year compared to other models. The large canister flush valve combined with Aqua Piston flushing system that is unique to Kohler allows a powerful jet that empties the bowl each time you flush.

This model comes in a range of ten colours, including a sleek black and a sophisticated grey to make you bathroom features truly unique.

The Kohler K-3950-0 Tresham toilet is ideal for anyone with a love neo-traditional architecture and a solid system that won’t let you down.

5. Kohler K-3987-0 Toilet

“Dual flush technology with a side mounted trip level offers the same easy operation as traditional toilet models.”

KOHLER K-3987-0

The Kohler K-3987-0 Toilet offers two levels of flushing. A short, water saving flush for liquid waste and a sturdier, more powerful flush for solid waste. This helps to ensure that you are not wasting water while also ensuring your toilet doesn’t become blocked.

This model is a rounded bowl model, meaning it is more compact and is ideal for smaller bathrooms or separate toilet only rooms. It will fit easily into smaller spaces without making the room look cluttered. It is designed to match seamlessly with Kohler’s Wellworth collection of bathroom pieces to ensure a full, matching suite is available, but it’s simplistic design will integrate well with any custom pieces you already have.

The Kohler K-3987-0 Toilet is ideal for anyone who is looking for a smaller solution with a functional, sleek look.

6. Kohler K-3817-47 Memoirs Toilet

“The Memoirs comfort height 1.28 GPF two piece elongated toilet combines sensible ergonomics with sophisticated traditional style. The dignified stately design offers clean, crisp lines for an understated yet elegant look.”

The Kohler K-3817-47 Memoirs model combines the Aqua Piston flushing technology of their brand with 3 inch flapper and ninety percent less exposed sealant, making this model virtually leak proof.

With added height and an elongated bowl, this model is the best example of comfort meets design. With this model, you don’t have to choose between being comfortable, or your bathroom looking good, or performance. The Kohler K-3817-47 Memoirs toilet comfortably combines all three to make the perfect all rounder.

The Kohler K-3817-47 Memoirs toilet, the cheapest of our top picks, is ideal for anyone who is budget conscious but doesn’t want to compromise on quality or design.

The Kohler models really are the perfect meeting point between functionality and aesthetics, making it the brand of choice for the style conscious. Each model brings a new look, each of them sleek and sophisticated while remaining understated and bringing you the best in innovative design.

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